北川原 温

  • 1951年 長野県出身
  • 1974年 東京芸術大学美術学部建築科卒業
  • 1977年 同大学院修士課程修了
  • 1975年〜1982年 国内外で設計修行
  • 1982年 株式会社北川原温建築都市研究所設立
  • 東京芸術大学教授
  • 日本建築学会会員
  • 日本建築家協会会員
  • 日本建築士会会員
  • 日本デザインコミッティ会員
  • 1級建築士日本建築家協会登録建築家

東京芸大学在学中に国際設計コンペで1位となり20代から設計活動を始め、これまでに多くの作品が世界に紹介されています。 詩や音楽、現代美術などをモチーフにした個性的な発想や独創的なデザインで知られ、日本建築学会賞、グッドデザイン賞金賞、 アルカシア賞ゴールドメダルをはじめ国内外の多数の建築賞を受賞。地域の文化や経済の振興に貢献する建築や都市の設計が評判を呼び、 世界各地から建築展。講演の依頼を受けるなど、今最も注目されている建築家のひとり。

建築以外の分野でも活躍。世界的なオランダのモダンバレエ団(ネザーランド・ダンス・シアター、芸術監督イリ・キリアン)の 舞台美術を手掛け、パリ・オペラ・ガルニエやニュヨーク・リンカーンセンターで公演されました。

また、東京芸大の大学院専攻北川原研究室では、科学や音楽、新しい表現芸術などの分野の専門家と協力し、 建築・都市・空間に関する様々な研究・創作活動を展開しています。




CD-ROM / Into The Architect : 北川原温 失われた時を求めて(ハートランド 1995)

ARCHIGRAPH 2 / 北川原温×稲越功一 (TOTO出版 1993)

THE JAPAN ARCHITECT vol.8 / 北川原温 (新建築社 1992)

現代建築 / 空間と方法7 北川原温 (同朋社 1986)

Atsushi Kitagawara

  • 1951 born in Japan (at the foot of the Japan Alps)
  • 1974 Bachelor of Architecture, Tokyo University of Arts
  • 1977 Master of Architecture, Tokyo University of Arts
  • 1975〜1982 studying and working as architect in Japan and other countries
  • 1982 Principal, Atsushi Kitagawara Architects, Inc.
  • Professor, Tokyo University of Arts (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)
  • Member, Architectural Institute of Japan
  • Member, Japan Institute of Architects
  • Member, Japan Federation of Architects and Building Engineers Associations
  • Member, Japan Design Committee
  • Registered Architect by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Registered Architect by the Japan Institute of Architects

Atsushi Kitagawara was born in 1951 as a member of a family of pedigree at the foot of the Japan Alps. Today he is one of the most significant Japanese architect. He has been engaged in a wide range of architectural projects, along with urban planning, landscape design and furniture.

He is famous for his original and creative architectural idea and design methods, often inspired by a spectrum of fields of art such as poetry, music and contemporary arts. His works are appreciated so highly that he has won many prizes and gold medals both in Japan and overseas, including the Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 2002, the first prize in the Innovative Architecture International Award (Italy) in 2006, the Grand-Prix in the Kenneth Brown Architecture Design Award in 2007 and so on. As the registered architect by the Japanese government, he has also won many first prizes in competitions and commissioned some large-scale projects, such as Fukushima Big Palette International Exhibition and Convention Centre, which is completed in 1998.

The source of his creation is often derived from his researches on philosophy and literature at the university. Since he won the first prize of an international architectural design competition when he was only 21 and a student of the national art university, he committed himself to be involved in the world of architecture for life. During the period of his study, he was devoted with avant-garde art, theater and music. Also he showed a great interest in literature. Especially, he was interested in the contemporary Japanese novels of Kobo Abe, Yukio Mishima and Junichiro Tanizaki, as well as foreign literature such as André Breton, Michel Butor, Frenz Kafka, Georges Bataille, Stephane Mallarme and many others.

The architect thinks that the architecture should be an incubator with highly creative potential which gives proper solution to requirements, conditions and programmes to arouse human imaginations, to generate new meanings as poetry of Mallarme does. The architectural aesthetics Kitagawara mentions consists of not only form and volume but also rich creativity within architecture. The architect believes that it is the architecture that makes dreams and hopes for people as other art forms do.
In recent years, Kitagawara is motivated at environmental issues and committed in environment- symbiotic architecture, while his design itself has always been based on the belief to poetical aesthetics of architecture. His recent activities are not limited within Japan but all over the world since he established his new office in Europe. Kitagawara intends to participate in more international projects near future.

As one of the leading architects in Japan, Kitagawara is also contributing to an academic field. With teaching experience at several universities, Kitagawara is a professor of Tokyo University of the Arts which he graduated from. Through his researches at his laboratory in the university, he practices his design activities with his associates of Atsushi Kitagawara Architects.



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