Design of these desk and table was inspired by Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”. We have been involved with the field of product design of furniture as well as architecture.

2 ルミナス・テキスタイル / LUMINOUS TEXTILE

無数の細かい傷を付けた光ファイバーを特殊なマシンで織った光る布です。巾約50センチ、長さ約10 メートル。照明器具メーカーの依頼で開発デザインしたものです。 この光布で壁や天井全体を被うブロジェクトも計画しました。

The lighting textile of optical fiber with numerous tiny cuts, woven by a special machine, has about 50 cm in width and 10m in length. We were commissioned to develop and design the product by a lighting fixture company. A project of covering the entire wall and ceiling with the textile was also planned.

3 シスター / SISTER


Chair designed for ARS Gallery.

4 ローズカフェ / ROSE CAFE


With ideas from the owner of this restaurant, photographic works of P. Horst are displayed on the walls and floral pattern textiles by a designer at New York are selected for the interior decoration and tablecloth.


Here are sofas and tables which we designed for commissions of major furniture manufacturers and are distinguished for the artistic taste.Furniture fittings and fixtures become major factors for enriching architectural space and producing particular spatial image. We have designed numbers of furniture fittings and fixtures including basic product design and custom-made one to satisfy uses and images of each client.